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We will create a company that can run towards our dreams while thinking about the value of the future with faith and trust.

Since 2010, Docksong Chemical has been engaged in the trading business of recycled plastics and non-ferrous metals. We are the first in Japan to operate a recycled PVC powder processing plant.

Currently, we export recycled PVC powder to South Korea, India, and South Africa.

Docksong Chemical will become a company that can grow based on trust with customers.

2010. 07   Established Docksong Corporation.

                Trade Start

2016. 10   TOKUMATSU SHOUJI CO., LTD established in Japan.

                 Started importing and exporting recycled plastics and

                 special metal raw materials

2017. 03   Establishment of Docksong Chemical Co., Ltd.

                 Import and export of recycled plastics and special metal

                 raw materials

2021. 12   Establishment of recycled PVC powder manufacturing plant in Japan

In 2010, we started trading recycled plastic raw materials. Currently, it directly operates a PVC powder factory in Japan.The headquarters in Korea imports and sells recycled PVC powder and nonferrous metals produced in Japanese factories overseas.


PVC Powder Processing Plant


(Aichi Prefecture, Japan)

Japan's first PVC powder processing plant was established in 2021 when the export of PVC scrap and shredding was banned under the International Basel Act.


‘Docksong’ represents the belief that it will become a company that silently contributes to society and builds ‘virtue’ like an unchanging pine tree.

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